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Affordable Landscaping in Sunshine Coast

Our thoughtfully planned Landscaping Design Services in Sunshine Coast can enhance the value of your property while enabling you to add a beautiful outdoor feature with opportunities to enjoy with family and friends. If your existing garden needs a facelift, we can craft a space perfectly tailored to suit your needs. As experts in the field of Landscaping Design Services Sunshine Coast, we can transform your outdoor area into the garden of your dreams. With our experience and expertise, we can take care of all aspects of landscape design for you.

Whatever your need for landscaping, our innovative Landscaping  Design Services in Sunshine Coast can make your garden look beautiful all year round at affordable price rates. Whether you have a huge yard or a tiny green space, the professionals at Natives, Stone & Wood Landscapes are able to transform your area into something truly extraordinary. Our years of experience servicing the greater Sunshine Coast region means that we have breathed new life into hundreds of different gardens. Whether you have a particular vision in mind or need us to come up with some design ideas, we always strive to deliver a beautiful green space that you love spending time in.

Professional Landscaping
Sunshine Coast

At Natives, Stone & Wood Landscapes every design is unique and detailed to suit our customer’s needs. In every Landscaping Design service in Sunshine Coast, we begin by meeting you on-site and taking in the architecture, surroundings, site conditions, and house style to understand as much as we can about what you desire and need for your outdoor space. In doing this, we aim to provide you with solutions that are functional, innovative and beautiful and truly connect with you and your home.  Our design process begins with three phases; consultation, concept design and design development.

Initial Consultation

Once a design package has been accepted, we will have an onsite consultation with our landscape architect and our construction manager to define the scope, brief, and budget of your landscape project. This will give us the knowledge we need to develop the concept design and get the bones of the design right.

Concept Delivery

We will create a concept plan, often with alternate options, which is a broad layout that responds to your design proposal discussed in the initial consultation. We will meet with you and any other stakeholders again to present the concept to you in printed and digital form whereby you can make revisions in two stages to finalize the layout.

Design Development and Documentation

This is the stage where all the detail is added in that had been discussed in the revision process so that we can document the plan with all the information needed for construction. The plans will then be sent to you and it is at this stage a final quotation will be provided for the construction of the project.

Stone Landscaping
Sunshine Coast

Our expertise lies in seamlessly incorporating stone into landscape designs, creating stunning outdoor spaces in Sunshine Coast. We specialize in the following aspects of stone integration:

  • Stone Pathways: We skillfully design and construct captivating stone pathways that blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings. These pathways provide functional access while adding beauty and charm to your landscape.
  • Retaining Walls: Our team excels in creating structurally sound and visually appealing stone retaining walls. These walls serve multiple purposes, including soil retention, terracing, and defining different areas within your landscape.
  • Water Features: We have a knack for integrating stone into water features, such as fountains, ponds, and waterfalls. The natural textures and colors of stone add an element of serenity and elegance to your outdoor space.
  • Stone Accents and Borders: We pay attention to the finer details by incorporating stone accents and borders into your landscape design. These can include stone edging for flower beds, decorative rock features, or stone seating areas.
  • Rock Gardens: Our expertise extends to creating captivating rock gardens that showcase the beauty of various stone types and sizes. We strategically arrange rocks to create visually appealing focal points and enhance the overall aesthetics of your landscape.
  • Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits: We excel in designing and constructing stone fireplaces and fire pits, providing a warm and inviting focal point for outdoor gatherings and relaxation.

Wood Landscaping
Sunshine Coast

We are experts in seamlessly incorporating wood into landscape designs, adding warmth, character, and functionality to outdoor spaces in Sunshine Coast. Our expertise in wood integration encompasses the following aspects

Timber Structures: We specialize in designing and constructing timber structures that blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings. This includes pergolas, gazebos, and arbors, which provide shade, architectural interest, and a cozy atmosphere.

Decking and Patios: Our team excels in creating beautiful and functional wood decking and patio areas. We carefully select the right type of wood and design layouts that maximize the usable space, catering to your specific needs and preferences.

Timber Retaining Walls: We skillfully integrate timber retaining walls into landscape designs to add both structural support and visual appeal. These walls can create terraced areas, define different zones within your landscape, and serve as seating areas.

Wooden Fences and Screens: We have a keen eye for incorporating wooden fences and screens into landscapes, providing privacy, security, and a touch of elegance. Our designs take into account the style of your property and ensure seamless integration with the overall landscape.

Outdoor Structures and Furniture: We extend our expertise to the selection and placement of outdoor structures and furniture made from wood. From benches and tables to pergola seating areas, we create inviting spaces that invite relaxation and socializing.

Wood Pathways and Steps: We add charm and functionality to your landscape with carefully crafted wood pathways and steps. These features provide easy navigation, create visual interest, and blend beautifully with the natural elements of your outdoor space.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Landscaping
Sunshine Coast

We are committed to practicing environmentally conscious landscaping, prioritizing sustainable solutions for our projects in Sunshine Coast. Our dedication to eco-friendly practices includes:

Water-Efficient Irrigation Systems

We understand the importance of conserving water resources. That’s why we design and install water-efficient irrigation systems that minimize water waste. Our systems incorporate technologies like drip irrigation, smart controllers, and rainwater harvesting to optimize water usage and promote efficient watering.

Native Plant Choices

We believe in using native plants that are well-adapted to the local climate and ecosystem. Native plants require less water, fertilizer, and pesticides, making them more resilient and sustainable. They also provide habitat for local wildlife and contribute to the overall biodiversity of your landscape.

Eco-Friendly Materials

We carefully select eco-friendly materials for our landscaping projects. This includes using recycled or reclaimed materials whenever possible, such as recycled plastic lumber for decking or reclaimed wood for structures. We prioritize materials with low environmental impact and seek suppliers with sustainable sourcing practices.

Organic and Natural Practices

We promote organic and natural landscaping practices by minimizing the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Instead, we focus on building healthy soil through composting, mulching, and incorporating organic amendments. This approach not only benefits the environment but also promotes the long-term health of your landscape.

Soil Conservation and Erosion Control

We implement strategies to conserve soil and prevent erosion, such as using erosion-control blankets, terracing, and planting groundcover vegetation. These practices help maintain soil health, prevent runoff, and protect nearby water bodies.

Landscape Maintenance Services
Sunshine Coast

We understand that maintaining a healthy and beautiful landscape requires ongoing care and attention. That’s why we offer comprehensive maintenance services to ensure that our clients’ landscapes in Sunshine Coast remain vibrant and flourishing over time. Our maintenance services include:

Regular Lawn Care

We provide scheduled lawn mowing, edging, and trimming services to keep your grass looking neat and well-maintained. We also offer lawn aeration and overseeding to promote healthy growth and prevent weed infestation.

Seasonal Plant Care

Our team of experts is well-versed in the specific needs of various plants throughout the seasons. We offer pruning, fertilization, and pest control services tailored to the specific requirements of your plants, ensuring their health, vigor, and longevity.

Irrigation System Maintenance

We conduct routine inspections and maintenance of irrigation systems to ensure optimal performance and water efficiency. This includes adjusting sprinkler heads, repairing leaks, and programming controllers based on seasonal water requirements.

Weed and Pest Control

We implement effective weed control strategies to keep unwanted vegetation at bay, minimizing competition for resources and maintaining the overall aesthetics of your landscape. Additionally, we offer integrated pest management solutions to address common pests while minimizing the use of chemicals.

Mulching and Soil Amendments

 We provide mulching services to conserve soil moisture, suppress weed growth, and improve the overall health of your landscape. We also replenish nutrients in the soil through organic amendments, ensuring that your plants receive the necessary nourishment to thrive.

Seasonal Cleanup

We perform seasonal cleanups to remove debris, fallen leaves, and other organic matter that can hinder the health and appearance of your landscape. This includes thorough raking, pruning, and overall tidying up to keep your outdoor space looking its best.


Landscape Construction

Natives, Stone & Wood Landscapes specializes in industry-leading Landscape Designing Services in the  Sunshine Coast region, helping you transform your outdoor space into a talking point. Our team of skilled experts has a range of skills that enable them to construct your project in-house, such as excavation, retaining walls, concreting, decking, stone masonry, paving and pergola construction.

Our goal is to not only help you reach your vision, but ensure that we’re accommodating to your every need during the entire process from start to finish. Highlight your focal points with feature lights, plants, aesthetic ground and walkway designs, adding a new dimension to your current outdoor and entertainment areas.

Our landscape construction services include:

Natives, Stone & Wood Landscapes are registered landscape builders; therefore, all site work on your bayside property will be completed under a minor works domestic building contract.

Hard Landscaping
Sunshine Coast

We are highly proficient in designing and installing a wide range of hardscape features that add structure, functionality, and aesthetic appeal to outdoor spaces.

By leveraging our proficiency in designing and installing hardscape features, we add structure, functionality, and visual interest to your outdoor spaces. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and use of premium materials ensures that the hardscape elements we create will withstand the test of time and enhance the overall beauty and enjoyment of your outdoor environment.

Soft Landscaping
Sunshine Coast

We can help you create a planting scheme that is beautiful & practical and suits both your aesthetic and lifestyle. Working with the site & the microclimate, while accommodating the levels of garden maintenance you wish to undertake, we can recommend a range of plants that will flourish in your unique circumstances. Modern or traditional, formal to cottage, Hedge and Stone will work with you to create a landscape that you can enjoy in the years to come. Services include:

Residential Landscaping Design Services
Sunshine Coast

our services are designed to cater specifically to homeowners in Sunshine Coast, aiming to create serene and functional outdoor spaces that perfectly complement their lifestyles and preferences. We understand that your outdoor space is an extension of your home, and we strive to transform it into a sanctuary that brings you joy and enhances your overall quality of life.

Through a personalized design approach, we take the time to understand your unique vision, preferences, and how you intend to use your outdoor space. Whether you desire a tranquil retreat, a vibrant entertainment area, or a family-friendly oasis, we carefully consider your needs and aspirations. Our team excels in functional space planning, ensuring that your outdoor area is optimized for usability and flows seamlessly between different zones. 

From cozy seating areas to dining spaces, play areas, or even outdoor kitchens, we create layouts that maximize functionality and practicality while maintaining a serene and inviting atmosphere.

We believe in integrating natural elements to harmonize your outdoor space with the surrounding environment. By selecting native plants, incorporating natural materials like stone and wood, and creating a balance between hardscape and greenery, we achieve a harmonious blend that exudes tranquility and creates a connection to nature.

Commercial Landscaping Design Services
Sunshine Coast

At Natives, Stone & Wood Landscapes we pride ourselves on the quality work we do and our safety record. We of course carry all the relevant insurance and Workcover documents to ensure your peace of mind.

We have access to a modern fleet of machinery and equipment to get the job done effectively and efficiently. If you need help with your next construction project or require a maintenance program for your business or development, please contact us for a consultation.

We understand that the need of every landscape differs and begin by figuring out the best designs for your outdoor area. We make use of technologically advanced and innovative solutions to complete each project to your satisfaction. Our team of are experienced and take utmost care to ensure that the project runs smoothly while causing minimum disruption. It is our goal to offer a bespoke, flexible, and smooth service experience to all our clients. Whatever the magnitude of your project, we have the skills and resources to take care of all aspects of landscaping to design a professional outdoor space that your business requires.

we have extensive experience working with commercial clients, including businesses, offices, and public spaces. We understand that for commercial clients, the outdoor environment plays a crucial role in enhancing their branding, aesthetics, and overall customer experience.


Landscaping Design Styles
for Sunshine Coast

When it comes to landscaping design styles for the Sunshine Coast, you can choose from various options that complement the region’s natural beauty and climate. We provide wide options of styles for Landscaping Design Services to our clients.

Our Work Process

We sit with our clients to work out even the smallest details and develop tailored landscaping solutions to cater to their diverse creative requirements.

Project Discussion

We identify our client’s unique needs and provide functional and innovative solutions that suit their budget.

Project Planning

Our experts create a comprehensive plan by integrating the client’s creative input with our research.

Project Execution

We guarantee customer satisfaction by completing the landscaping project based on the client’s requirements.

Why Choose Us

Natives, Stone & Wood Landscapes is committed to providing quality Landscaping Design Services in Sunshine Coast for an affordable price for Residential and commercial property. We believe that everyone deserves to bring their dream outdoor space to life and supply a range of options for every budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Landscaping design is the process of planning and creating outdoor spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and harmonious with the natural environment. It involves selecting and arranging plants, hardscape features, and other elements to enhance the beauty and usability of outdoor areas.

Hiring a professional landscaping design service ensures that your outdoor space is expertly planned and executed. Professionals have the knowledge, skills, and experience to create designs that maximize the potential of your landscape, taking into account factors such as soil conditions, climate, drainage, and aesthetics. They can save you time, provide creative ideas, and help you avoid costly mistakes.

The landscaping design process typically begins with an initial consultation, where the designer assesses your space, discusses your goals and preferences, and gathers information about your budget and timeline. They then create a design plan that includes layout drawings, plant selections, and material choices. Once the design is approved, the implementation phase begins, which involves site preparation, installation of hardscape and softscape elements, and ongoing maintenance.

Yes, well-designed landscaping can significantly enhance the value of your property. It improves curb appeal, creates inviting outdoor spaces, and increases the overall aesthetic appeal of your home or commercial property. Landscaping design can also improve functionality, such as creating entertaining areas or increasing privacy, which can further enhance property value.

The duration of the landscaping design process depends on the scope and complexity of the project. It can range from a few weeks for smaller residential projects to several months for larger commercial or extensive landscape transformations. Factors such as weather conditions, site preparations, and the availability of materials can also impact the timeline.

Yes, professional landscaping design services can be tailored to fit your budget. Skilled designers can work within your financial constraints while still creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space. They can suggest cost-effective alternatives, recommend appropriate materials, and prioritize design elements based on your budget and priorities.

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your landscaped outdoor space looking its best. This can include tasks such as mowing, pruning, fertilizing, irrigation system maintenance, weed control, and seasonal cleanups. Many landscaping design services offer ongoing maintenance packages to ensure that your landscape remains healthy, vibrant, and well-maintained.

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