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What Are The Basic Principles Of Landscape Design

What Are The Basic Principles Of Landscape Design

Unveiling the Art of Landscape Design: Sunshine Coast Edition

Natives, Stone & Wood Landscapes where our passion for transforming outdoor spaces on the Sunshine Coast into more than just gardens, but unique experiences, shines through in every project. As we nestle in this breathtaking corner of the world, our journey in landscape design is far more than a profession – it’s a calling to blend the natural charm of the coast with thoughtful, creative landscaping.

In this expanded introduction, we dive into the essence of our work. Here, landscape design is not just about planting and constructing; it’s about creating a harmonious dialogue between nature and artistry. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in understanding and respecting the natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast, allowing us to design spaces that are not only visually stunning but also in sync with the environment.

We believe in a landscape design that captures the spirit of the area – from the rolling waves of the coast to the serene beauty of the hinterland. Our approach combines the fundamental principles of landscape design with a personalized touch, ensuring each garden, patio, or backyard we craft reflects the unique personality and lifestyle of its owner. We’re not just creating gardens; we’re sculpting living, breathing spaces where memories are made, and nature is celebrated.


Join us as we explore the core principles that guide our work: unity, balance, color, scale, texture, and sustainability. These principles are the pillars upon which we build our designs, ensuring each creation is a testament to both beauty and functionality. At “Natives, Stone & Wood Landscapes,” we’re committed to crafting landscapes that are not just a feast for the eyes but also a haven for the soul, blending seamlessly with the majestic beauty of the Sunshine Coast.

Unity and Harmony: The Symphony of the Garden

In the world of landscape design, unity and harmony are like the rhythm in music – essential and foundational. On the Sunshine Coast, this translates into embracing our native flora and fauna, ensuring that every element from the smallest pebble to the tallest tree sings in chorus with its surroundings. We believe in a landscape that feels like a natural extension of the Coast’s breathtaking beauty.

Balance: The Dance of Symmetry and Asymmetry

Just as dancers move in perfect balance, so too should the elements of a landscape. We play with symmetrical and asymmetrical designs to create spaces that are visually striking yet deeply harmonious. On the Sunshine Coast, where nature’s own asymmetry is so evident, we often find that a blend of both brings a landscape to life.

Color: Painting with Nature's Palette

Color breathes life into landscape design. Inspired by the coastal sunsets, lush rainforests, and sandy beaches of the Sunshine Coast, we paint with a palette that reflects these hues. The aim is to create a garden that not only blooms with color in spring but also captivates with subtle tones in autumn and winter.

Scale and Proportion: Crafting the Perfect Scene

Scale and proportion ensure that every feature in your garden fits perfectly into the overall narrative. It’s about creating a scene where every tree, bench, and pathway has a purpose and place, ensuring they all come together to tell a cohesive story.


Texture and Form: The Touch and Shape of Nature

In landscape design, texture and form add depth and contrast. We juxtapose the rough textures of native tree bark with the smooth surfaces of river stones, or the angular lines of a modern sculpture with the soft contours of a garden bed. It’s all about creating a tactile experience that invites exploration and contemplation.

Focal Points: Capturing the Imagination

Every garden needs a star, a focal point that captures the imagination. Be it a serene water feature, a majestic native tree, or an art piece, these are the elements that define a space and give it character. On the Sunshine Coast, we’re blessed with natural focal points in abundance, and our designs aim to highlight and complement these gifts of nature.

Sustainability: A Commitment to Tomorrow

Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering. We prioritize native species that thrive in local conditions, reducing water use and supporting local wildlife. Our landscapes are not just for today; they’re designed with an eye towards the future – healthy, thriving, and evergreen.

At “Natives, Stone & Wood Landscapes,” we harmonize these guiding principles with our deep knowledge of the Sunshine Coast’s unique environment. Our aim is to design landscapes that are not just visually stunning, but also a true reflection of the area’s natural beauty and spirit. Whether you envision a peaceful haven or an energetic and lively garden, our team is dedicated to turning your dreams into reality. Let’s collaborate to craft a space that is both beautiful and uniquely yours. Together, let’s transform your outdoor area into a masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of the Sunshine Coast.

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